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Why should I get a personal trainer?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Investing in a personal trainer can be a big decision. Are they worth it? Will you see the results you want? Why spend that money when you could just get a gym membership? All valid questions but the value of a personal trainer comes in their expert knowledge and getting 1-1 attention to make sure your training is working for you and getting the results that you want.

Here are PT ME’s top 7 reasons why you should get a personal trainer.

1 - Advice Tailored To You

We’re all individuals, our bodies work slightly differently. We’ve all got things we prefer, exercises we dislike, old injuries that niggle, which means picking up a generic exercise programme and following it verbatim won’t get you anywhere.

A personal trainer works with you to create a plan that’s right for you and your body. It’s specific to you and will keep being tweaked throughout your time with them. That means your more likely to enjoy your workouts, to feel great afterwards and to see the results you want.

2 - Motivation And Accountability

Hands up who’s told themselves that they really will get up at 6am for a workout then snoozed the alarm instead? When you work with a personal trainer there’s someone waiting for you, monitoring your performance and helping keep you on track. That motivation and accountability is worth its weight in gold.

Consistency is the only way you’ll see any positive changes, and a personal trainer gives you just that.

3 - Technique And Performance

Knowing the correct technique is critical to any form of training. Without the right technique, you’re more likely to injure yourself or waste time on exercises that won’t give you any results. The better your technique, the better your workout. It’s that simple. Personal trainers are experts, they know their stuff and they’ll make sure you’re lifting, running or training in the right way.

Great technique will also supercharge your performance, helping you work at your optimum to achieve those all-important results.

4 - Efficiency

When you don’t have a plan for your training session it’s going to take you longer. You’ll need to decide what exercise to do next, what equipment you need, how many reps or the route you’ll take.

Working with a personal trainer will help you avoid the overwhelm of what to do next. You’ll have a set plan that they know will work for you. The time you spend with them will be carefully planned to make sure you fit in what you need to, make the relevant progressions and set you on your way to your training goals, giving you a more efficient workout.

5 - Minimise Injury

If you’ve injured yourself previously it can be really easy to trigger it. A personal trainer can work with you to strengthen the area, avoiding exercises that will put too much strain on it. Helping you to rehabilitate the affected area and avoid injuring it further.

6 - Avoid Training Ruts

Doing the same exercises every single workout is a surefire way to become bored. Part of a personal trainer’s role is to keep it interesting, adding in new exercises and training methods so your workout is challenging and interesting.

Even just the presence of having someone there to guide you through your workout, and if you can manage, to chat with avoids training ruts and plateaus. You’ll constantly be challenged and encouraged to give it your all every time.

7 - Results

We all work out for different reasons. That might be weight loss, you could be entering a triathlon, it might just be to help with your mental health. It’s so important for your personal trainer to be on board with your goals so they can create a training plan that supports your reasons for training and sets you on the path to achieve the results you want.

At PT ME we’re all about results and our first-class personal trainers are geared towards helping you achieve those results. That’s why we only work with the best personal trainers across a range of disciplines.

If you need help finding the right personal trainer to kick start your training plan, join the PT ME family today.

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