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Frequently Asked Questions

Allow us to clarify some of the most frequent questions and queries we have received. Take a look at our FAQ section below, and if your question remains unanswered please contact us. 

Privacy FAQs

How Do I Delete My Account & All Associated Data?

To delete your account, simply submit a request to our admin team or your account manager.


To do this simply message an admin in the Members Zone who are clearly marked with the badge 'Admin' or email or call your account manager.


The number for account cancellations and deletion is: 020 7096 7313


The email for account cancellations and deletion is:

  • What is PT ME?
    Think of us as the Airbnb of the personal training world. We bring together first-class, highly qualified personal trainers and then match them with you - people looking to improve their fitness, take control of their health and commit to training. Our platform allows you to search for a personal trainer who’s in the right area, offering the right type of training and someone you know is recommended. Meaning you don’t have to keep spending time searching through posts, profiles and pictures trying to work out for yourself who can be trusted with your body and health.
  • How Does PT ME work?
    PT ME cuts out the need for you to spend hours searching for a personal trainer. Gone are the hours of scrolling your feed looking for recommendations. Instead, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need virtual, in-person, gym-based or outdoor training we know the right personal trainer for you. Step 1: Choose Your Training Plan Step 2: Complete your welcome questionnaire Step 3: Our team will contact you to understand more about your training goals Step 4: Get paired with your perfect trainer Step 5: Satisfaction guarantee. Not happy with your trainer? We will switch you to a different trainer at no extra cost.
  • Why Would I Choose To Use PT ME?
    PT ME is about bridging that gap. Connecting you with our handpicked trainers to create a lasting relationship that will become an integral part of your life. For us, it’s about making it easy. Removing the hard work and the guesswork. After all, the easier something is the more likely we are to follow through and make changes to our life. But we also understand that for some, not all, this could be the first time working with a personal trainer and that can be intimidating. So we’re here, every step of the way, to answer any questions and provide you with reassurance if you need it.
  • Why Should I Get A Personal Trainer?
    Investing in a personal trainer can be a big decision. Are they worth it? Will you see the results you want? Here are PT ME’s top 7 reasons why you should get a personal trainer: 1 - Advice Tailored To You 2 - Motivation And Accountability 3 - Technique And Performance 4 - Efficiency 5 - Minimise Injury 6 - Avoid Training Ruts 7 - Results We go into depth on our blog here.
  • How Much Is A Training Session With PT ME?
    Our training sessions range from between £50 - £70 per hour. Our sessions are of a fixed price and entitle you to one hour of one-on-one training with an industry-leading personal trainer.
  • Where Can I Train With My PT ME Trainer?
    You have four options to train with PT ME: 1 - At the gym. 2 - At home with the trainer. 3 - At home or anywhere with a virtual personal training session. 4 - Outside at a local park or outdoor space.
  • Do You Have A Support Team?
    Yes, we have a support team to help with any issues you have. We also have an exclusive members zone where you can ask questions directly to PT ME trainers, share progress photos and chat with other PT ME members.
  • I Would Like To Purchase A Training Package For Someone Else?
    When you purchase PT ME training sessions. They are transferable to anyone making them a perfect gift for a friend, family or spouse. Once your package has been purchased you will be able to fill out the name of the person you are buying the package for. Our support team is on hand to help you 24/7 with any issues or enquiries.
  • How Do I Change My Trainer?
    To change your trainer, simply request in the member's zone to one of the PT ME admins or reach out to your dedicated account manager. Your account manager is the person so pairs you with your perfect trainer and will remain a point of contact for you throughout your PT ME journey.
  • My Trainer Does Not Have The Availability I Require?
    If your trainer doesn't have your desired training times available, PT ME will offer to pair you with a new trainer better suited to your training schedule.
  • What Is Your Refund Policy?
    We do not offer refunds for our packages but do offer the opportunity to change your trainer at any point at no additional cost.

Not Sure What Type Of Training Is For You?

At PT ME we offer a range of different personal training services and not just your classic in gym sessions. Discover our offering below to see what might suit you best. 

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