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Where Can I Workout With PT ME?

Are you an outdoor person or are you a homebody? Do you love doing things online or prefer 1-1 interaction in person?

We’re all different and work in different ways which means that our training plans have to be different too. Luckily for you with PT ME we understand that and our personal trainers are experienced in working in a whole host of ways. That might be in a gym, at your home, at the park, or online. Giving you the choice about where, and how to work out.

Let’s take a look at where and how you can work out with PT ME.

At The Gym

There’s nothing like in-person training. The accountability, the interaction, the hands-on experience. For some, it’s the only way to train. And for some, the best place to train is the gym. With the obvious advantages of plenty of equipment and areas designed for working out, it’s the easy choice.

In-person sessions also help to make sure that your technique and form is correct. When someone is watching you do an exercise they can see if you’re arching your back or twisting your wrist when you shouldn’t and can offer corrections instantly. Helping you to gain maximum impact from each exercise without jeopardising your safety.

The breadth of equipment available means your PT can mix up your workouts, increase weights and continually challenge you.

Outside In The Park

When you’ve been sitting at a desk all day the thought of a workout in the fresh air can be exactly what you need. This type of training is perfect for sprints or exercises that need more space.

Don’t forget there’s always the option to mix it up. To take advantage of balmy summer nights outdoors and move inside when the weather changes.

In Your Home

With PT ME our trainers can tailor in-person workouts to your needs. If you’ve got kids or other family commitments and find it hard to arrange childcare to go to the gym, a session at home is perfect.

You’re in the driving seat and can choose the in-person location that you prefer.

Virtually (anywhere in the world)

When you’re travelling or busy with life and work it’s not always easy to commit to an in-person training session. That’s when online, or virtual PTs come in.

All you need is a device, an internet connection and some space and you’re set to go.

During the pandemic, many personal trainers turned to virtual sessions and have continued to offer them because of the convenience to their clients. Allowing them the ultimate flexibility to choose when and where they work out. With many of us leading busy lives it’s a great way to commit to training when you can’t commit to physically being there.

Prior to your session, your personal trainer will let you know about any equipment or particular space you’ll need so you can be prepared and they can plan your sessions accordingly.

The great thing about virtual sessions is if you go away on holiday or a work trip you don’t need to miss out on your weekly workout. Or if the weather is truly awful you don’t have to leave your house and get drenched.

Online training also expands your pool of trainers to choose from. Allowing you to choose the absolute best personal trainer rather than having to pick the one down the road. Ideal if you’re in a more remote location or if you’re looking for a specific type of training that’s not offered locally.

Find your comfort zone

We perform best when we’re comfortable. Every one of us will feel comfortable in different places and situations.

To get the most from your workouts you need to find that place and base your workouts there.

If you’ve ever walked into a gym and felt judged, awkward or out of place, then that’s probably not the place for you.

If you hate technology and break your laptop every time you touch it, virtual training probably isn’t your thing.

Because trust us, when the right place combines with the right trainer you’ll see the right results for you.

Need help finding the right personal trainer? Join the PT ME family and we’ll match you with the best personal trainer in your desired location for you. Making it easier to get started and get on the road to your fitness goals.

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