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3 Workout Routines For New Mums

As a new mum your body has been through a lot, and is probably still going through a lot. It’s tempting to throw yourself into an intense workout routine to help lose the baby weight and feel like yourself. That’s the opposite of what you need to do.

Instead you need to take things slowly, build up gradually and really look after yourself. That’s why the best workout routines for new mums aren’t intensive HIIT sessions but slower, lower impact exercises that will be just as effective, they might take a bit longer but you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards.

Recovering from birth isn’t a race so please make sure you’re cleared for exercise by your GP before undertaking a new workout routine.

Here are our top 3 workout routines for you to try:

1. Pound those pavements

The easiest workout to do when you're a new mum is going for a walk. It might not sound like a lot but getting those steps in will help build your muscles, boost your heart rate, elevate your mood and it might even help your baby to sleep for longer.

On top of that, it’s a lower-impact form of exercise which is ideal for new mums whose bodies might still be recovering from pregnancy.

Here are our three top tips for walking:

  • Build up gradually. Don’t make your first walk 10 miles, instead, think little and often so your body gets used to the exercise.

  • Keep your shoulder back, pull in your core and make sure your head is up.

  • Stretch afterwards to help protect your muscles and ligaments from injury.

2. Stretch and strengthen

Being a parent is a physically tough job. You’re carrying your baby, lifting baby equipment, hunched over feeding. What your body needs is to be stretched and strengthened.

Pilates and yoga come into their own here. With online or mum-and-baby classes there are plenty of opportunities for you to learn how to stretch out and tone your muscles.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a few exercises to try at home give these a go:

Thread the needle On all fours reach one arm up to the sky then tuck it under your body until your shoulder is resting on the floor. Switch sides and repeat 3-5 times.

Neck stretches Stretch your neck to one side, hold for 30-60 seconds then turn your head so you’re looking down at your armpit, hold for 30-60 seconds, then return to the first position and hold for a further 30-60 seconds. Change sides and repeat.

Kneeling quad stretch Kneel on one foot and one knee and push your hips forward. Do this gradually so you don’t overstretch - you can hold onto something for balance if you need to. If you feel any pain stop but once you find a comfortable position hold for 20-30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat 2-4 times.

3. Workout with your baby

If you were into your strength work before you had your baby then when you feel ready you can start again but this time your weight can be extra cute.

Working out with your baby helps strengthen your bond and makes it feel easier to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. It might be finding a buggy workout class that you can take your baby to, and also provides an opportunity for you to socialise with other mums. Or it might be doing a short workout at home.

You can adapt most exercises to include your little one but exercises like squats, lunges and overhead presses are probably the easiest to adapt. The important point here is to have fun and make exercise enjoyable and a bonding time for you both.

Slow and steady is the best advice for any new mum looking to get back into a workout routine. Taking the time to prime your body, strengthen your muscles and work your way back to your previous fitness level is essential for long term success.

Sometimes it helps to have someone more experienced who understands postnatal bodies and what they need to guide you. Check out PT ME and our qualified personal trainers who have the know-how to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Join the PT ME family today.

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