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Is A Personal Trainer Worth The Investment?

When you’re first starting out on your fitness journey the cost of a personal trainer can seem like a lot of money. The question in your mind is are they really worth the investment and will you get any benefits from them? For us, the answer is quite simple. Personal trainers are absolutely worth the investment, particularly when you have a specific training goal or you’re just starting out. Let us explain more.

1. They keep you accountable

How many times have you promised yourself that tomorrow you’ll go to the gym, do an exercise class or get up early for a run? Now how many times have you followed through? That’s one of the biggest perks of a personal trainer. You know that someone is waiting for you to show up. Not only that, you’re paying them to cheer you on. Do you really want to waste their time and your money? We thought not.

Some personal trainers also offer training plans for you to complete in between sessions, giving you a clear plan to follow. It might feel like going back to school for some, but knowing that you’ll have to look your personal trainer in the face next week and admit you didn’t do your homework definitely adds a level of accountability to your training.

The accountability from having a personal trainer encourages consistent training and it’s consistency that will get you the results you’re looking for.

2. They share their knowledge

We’re overwhelmed with content and advice. Just scrolling through your feed it’s easy to stumble across multiple “experts” who all have a different training style and contradictory advice. The issue with listening closely to online experts is that everyone is different. Our bodies are different. Our lifestyles are different. Our needs are different. You need advice tailored to you and that’s the value of working with a personal trainer.

A personal trainer with the proper experience and qualifications will be able to create a workout plan for you and then monitor your progress. Tweaking and making adjustments as you go to ensure you get the full benefit of your session.

3. They keep you safe

When you aren’t sure what you’re doing it’s easy to injure yourself. Trying to lift too much weight, not following progressions and poor form can lead to strains, sprains and serious injury. Part of a personal trainer's role is to keep you safe, to help you workout the right way and to teach you what that is. Whether it’s ensuring equipment is set up correctly, tracking progressions and reps and making an informed decision when they need adjusting or watching your form and making minor changes. Part of the investment you’re making in a personal trainer is to help keep you fit, safe and healthy.

4. They impact all areas of your life

For most of us, when we think of personal training we think of fitness, the gym, workouts. But a great personal trainer makes changes across your entire life - not necessarily in an obvious way but the feel good factors from exercise ripple out to other areas.

The number of poor mental health days drops by 40% for those who workout. Making it clear to see the positive impact a regular workout schedule can have.

It’s not just your mental health. When you’re exercising you’re more inclined to eat better, and all great personal trainers will be able to offer you nutritional advice to increase the benefits to you. An improvement in your diet has further benefits to your mood, sleep and long term health.

Have you heard the phrase bitten by the fitness bug? Once you start exercising and creating a more active lifestyle you’ll find yourself saying yes to walking more, to trying new activities and your lifestyle will change for the better.

Working with a personal trainer isn’t for everyone. But when you’ve made the decision to do it and you’re committed to the process then working with a personal trainer is 100% worth the investment. The access to a highly qualified and knowledgeable individual who will be there every step of the way with you, giving you the advice and plans that will work for you is better than paying a gym membership any day.

Ready to start working with a personal trainer? Sign up to PT ME and find the right trainer for you to kick start your training journey.

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